Marine Veteran, Online K9 Educator and Obedience Trainer

Meet Xena Lamp!  Most days you can find her training client dogs, exploring trails with her dogs Ventura, Monica and K9 Piper or at the gym catching a sweat!  She’s most known for my extreme adoration for otters, obedience training and messy pineapple bun. People often refer to her as “the Dog Lady” or an acquired taste. Xena loves serving the world by transforming lives, one dog at a time.

As a K9 professional, Xena is constantly seeking self-education to improve a dog’s quality of life. She wants to help every person achieve the life they imagined sharing with a dog by making dog knowledge, common knowledge!

Xena’s Pack serves busy people who want the best care for their animals in their absence and seek precise obedience and education.

Yes! While there’s no trainer in the world who can actually guarantee eradication of anxiety and aggression, obedience training gives the owner the power to eliminate, reduce and avoid triggers for your dog as well as give your dog a task to maintain instead of reacting to their triggers.

An e-collar is an amazing training tool that can be used on all breeds, all ages and all sizes.  The sensation is similar to a tens unit, often used in physical therapy.  It works by communication with your dog in low and high distraction environments.

There is a reason that the top law enforcement agencies, military, and top federal agencies: patrol, detection, and search and rescue dogs are trained using e-collars!

No.  We have all of our clients feel the collar sensation so they know first hand that it is not painful.  We only use the e-collar to communicate and humanely correct and will teach YOU how to also do this.

Not necessarily!  Many of our clients find with consistency, they soon don’t require the e-collar to maintain obedience although we always encourage its use in high distraction environments.

No.  We teach your dog that wearing the e-collar means fun things are coming!  Many dogs dance and get very excited when they see the e-collar is going to be put on.  This is achieved by making positive associations for your dog with its use and training.

Private sessions are offered at local parks, our facility or we can come to your home!

Our training options range from single sessions, 8 week programs, puppy lessons to 2-Week Board and Train. Inquire with a trainer to decide which program is right for YOUR goals and your dog.

Our training options range from single sessions, to 4 and 8 week programs as well as a 1-Week and 2-Week Board and Train.

E-Collar training can start at 5 months old.

For puppies under 5 months, we use other training methods and can start your pup out as soon as the day they come home!  The earlier you start training, the sooner you have a smooth transition with the new addition.

Great!  We train all breeds regardless of their size!

It’s never too late to do professional training!  We’ve worked with 14 year old dogs too!

Give us a call or send us a text at 407-267-9575 and a trainer will reach out to find out more about your goals for your furry loved one.

Unleash your dog's full potential